Before & After Results

We realise that refurbishing an office can be a costly affair and can only be done infrequently. That is why when Jindal Steel asked us to 'revitalise' their Chairperson's office, we gave the premises such a thorough cleaning, without a hint of washing and without causing the usual disruption in their operations that it looked as if they had got the whole office redone in new upholstery and fitted it with new blinds and curtains. Everything looked sparkling new!

On another occasion, we were invited to take a look at the Banquet Hall and frayed-at-the-edges floor carpets of V W Canyon, the only five-star hotel in Chhattisgarh. They did not want to spend a bomb on it, so we accepted the challenge of spring cleaning it! At the end of the exercise, the Banquet Hall looked so brand new and vibrant, their guests wanted to know if it had been newly constructed!

With Hotel Shrestha in Raipur also, we managed to persuade the client not to spend a big deal on office renovation, when the same results can be achieved through our dry-cleaning service - and they were glad we helped them save a bundle.