At Renew Solutions & Services, we get it right, the first time
Following is the list of services we offer:

Curtain and blind cleaning

We'll clean your drapes on-site. No hassle, no removal and re-hangings, no waiting period. Our expert cleaners will test a portion of your drapes before attempting to clean just to be sure we don't end up spoiling your expensive fabric.

At Renew we believe the best way of cleaning blinds and curtains is through dry cleaning. Our processes remove dust, dirt, stains and allergens. They are the safest, lab-tested processes for corporate spaces that avoid shrinkage, loss of color and other collateral damages.

Carpet/Rug Cleaning

We specialise in leaving your rugs and carpets looking and smelling great! Our method of cleaning uses self-neutralizing chemicals that pulls out pollutants from carpet and rug fibers. The chemicals that we use are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and fast-drying and imported from Germany.

A professional, dry-cleaning service, our technicians are fully trained in identifying different carpet types - natural or synthetic - and using appropriate chemicals for cleaning them. We will walk you through a cleaning process to make sure you understand it and know exactly how much it will cost. We also clean leather and other mixed fabrics kinds.

Chair Cleaning

We use soft cleaning materials that are safe and ideal for office furniture. The cleaning is done on-site, so there is no logistical cost involved.

Car Cleaning

We have trained car cleaners on our payroll. We use a specialized car vacuum cleaner and quality polish for the job. The products used for cleaning different cars are sourced from reputed brands, thus promising the best results and quality finish!